Yacht Charters in the BVIs

Not without good reason, the islands of the BVIs (British Virgin Islands) are the most popular sailing destination in the Caribbean and certainly the easiest place to organize a charter vacation. There are several reasons for this and in no way does it mean there are not other delightful places to sail in the Caribbean. The BVIs have just the right combination of good weather, warm sunny days and balmy nights, constant moderate trade winds for great sailing and 40 or more different islands with plenty of really good anchorages.


What to do on a BVI charter vacation? You can do as much as you like or just sit around and soak up the sun on the deck or under a coconut tree on the beach. There’s always swimming, snorkeling, beach-combing, diving,
walking, beach games, and you could try your hand at the helm under the watchful eye of the captain. Many of the anchorages have a variety of beach bars and little restaurants with good food and music in the evening. Many of
the yachts will organize diving trips as an additional extra and will provide the tanks, wetsuits and other gear to get you underwater.

What Comes Included in a BVI Crewed Charter? Most crewed charters are an all-inclusive package. Once in a while the guest may be asked to take one dinner ashore at their expense. This helps the crew freshen up the yacht and gives them a small break; but also allows the guests to experience our local dishes… this is usually reflected in the rate. The yachts water toys will be listed in their brochure and we can go over that with you.

How About a Bareboat Charter in the BVI? While most BVI charters are crewed charters there are also options to have the whole boat to yourself if you are an experienced sailor. Sailing in the BVIs with its myriad of anchorages relatively close together is an easier experience than in many other locations in the Caribbean. Bare boating is also the cheapest option as you don’t have to pay for the services of the captain or crew and you can choose what to eat and drink on board according to your own budget.

What are the Costs of a BVI Charter? Costs depend on just what level of luxury you are looking for and of course how many people are involved and the proposed length of the charter. Prices are normally based on a noon to noon time frame and the usual price quoted is for a 7 night charter with shorter or longer charters being more or less pro rata. The cheapest charters per person per week are in the range of around $1,500 to $2,000 and can go right up to $25,000 or more per head for a week’s charter for high end luxury charters. BVI rates do depend on the season with the winter season i.e. December through to March being more expensive than the summer season. An extensive list of all our yachts is available with a description of each boat, its crew and the rates.

Caribbean Charter Deals knows the BVI well. We have extensive and firsthand knowledge of chartering in the BVI and have used this experience to get you the best deals. We listen to what you want and match your dreams with the boats we have available. Experience is what counts in the BVIs. Caribbean Charter Deals can organize the perfect Caribbean charter for you, whether you want a crewed charter experience on a catamaran, a monohull sailing boat or a motor Yacht.

Bring us your dream…

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