Where to Charter

Where to Charter – Yacht Charter Locations in the Caribbean

While there are many islands in the Caribbean perfect for cruising, there are three main destinations which are most suitable for chartering. The majority of our charter deals are in the two separately administered Virgin Islands: the US Virgin Islands and the BVIs (the British Virgin Islands). There are literally hundreds of possible anchorages in these two nearby groups of islands with safe and easy sailing in between. We also have a number of boats in the Saint Maarten area of the Leeward Islands and the Windward Islands of St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenada further south. You choose where you want to sail. We organize the perfect deal for your Caribbean charter vacation. Read on below to see what these different locations have to offer.

The USVIs (US Virgin islands)

Many of our charter boats operate out of the US Virgin islands even if they cruise around the nearby BVIs. The US Virgins have many ideal anchorages all of their own and a charter vacation can include a mixture of both the two island groups. A charter out of the island of St.Thomas  in the USVIs has the advantage of cheaper, more frequent flights in and out, especially to North American cities.

The BVIs (British Virgin Islands)

These are neighboring islands and very close. There are hundreds of ideal anchorages here and the sailing in between is renowned for being pleasant and safe. Short distances and good anchorages mean a varied and delightful vacation. The BVIs are only a short ferry ride away from St. Thomas in the US Virgins so access is almost as easy. Many charter boats will begin in St. Thomas, with a cruise to locations in the BVIs and you have the option of starting in St. Thomas or being picked up in the BVIs.

St. Maarten

This is sailing with a European dimension. The island of St Martin / St. Maarten in the Leewards is part French / part Dutch so you can choose your own piece of Europe to explore – or both on the same day! Typically, charters out of St Maarten include a cruise to nearby Anguilla and St. Barthelemy (St. Barts). This can be a more challenging but rewarding sailing experience, especially in the winter months. Many of our clients opt for the calmer summer months when anchorages are pleasanter and there are few other boats.

The Windwards

These are the islands strung out like jewels south of the Leeward Islands. The most popular places to charter from are the islands of St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenada with the picture perfect cruising grounds in the Grenadines in between the last two being easily the most popular. They all have their own magic and provide rewarding sailing with fewer other boats around. Flights in and out of any of these islands will cost a little more and are not as frequent as they are into and out of the Virgins, so this will have to be factored into your budget.

Elsewhere in the Caribbean

Depending on the length of your charter you could take in other Caribbean destinations: the French island of Martinique, for example, is only a day’s sail away from the main charter base in St. Lucia. That’s the best thing about a sailing charter vacation in the Caribbean: you can just go with the flow and let your captain choose the best places to go while you soak up the sun or you can make up your minds based on how you feel on the day or how the wind is blowing. If you opt for a bareboat charter then, within limits, you choose where you want to go.

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