Yacht Charters in the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVIs)

The Virgin Islands are a large group of hilly islands and smaller coral cays lying east of the larger island of Puerto Rico in the Central Caribbean island chain. The Virgins are divided into the small number of Spanish Virgins, the U.S. Virgins and the British Virgins to the East.

The US Virgins and BVIs together make up the single largest charter area in the Caribbean and there is a huge range of catamarans, monohull sailboats and motor boats available for chartering, either on a bareboat basis or for a crewed charter experience.

Typically, the majority of charterers arrive in the Virgin Islands by air into St. Thomas in the US Virgins even if they then take a 25 minute ferry ride over to Tortola in the BVIs to begin their charter vacation. Many charters begin and end in St. Thomas, and spend all their time in this group of lovely islands.

Why the US Virgin Islands are so popular

  • Air flights are frequent and easy into St. Thomas. Even charters out of the BVIs will often choose this route. Of course, the flight connection is easiest for those who come direct from a North American city.
  • Together with the nearby BVIs, the number of possible places to visit which are close by is huge. This makes sailing in these waters safer and easier than many other parts of the Caribbean.
  • The number of charter boats available is much higher here than anywhere else in the Caribbean so you are sure to find just what you want, whether it is a bareboat charter or a crewed charter.
  • Services in the US Virgins are very good and it is a safe place to have a vacation.
  • For those who love nature there are some very good national parks, especially on the island of St. John where a majority of the island is preserved as national park. In the water, there are some stunning coral reefs for snorkeling and diving. The reefs in the US Virgins rival those of anywhere in the Caribbean such as the Caymans, Belize or Bonaire.

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