How to Charter

How to Charter – Bareboat or Crewed?

There are many way to charter a boat in the Caribbean and at Caribbean Charter Deals we have the experience to help you choose just what type of charter vacation that suits you best. We have the best boats at the best prices.

The most important decision you have to make initially is how to charter your Caribbean yachting experience. If you want someone else to do most of the work and take the responsibility, then the best choice is a crewed charter option. There are literally hundreds of possible choices from smaller monohulls to large motor yachts each with a captain and a crew whose aim is to let you relax and have fun while they do all the work.

If you know how to sail – you may have your own boat back at home, for instance – then you might find a bareboat charter option is just what you want. This does require experience and is not for those who are just learning how to sail, but it puts you in charge of how you sail and where and when to go. Bareboat charters leave you to organize exactly what you eat and what you do too.

It’s all up to you. Read on below for more details and talk to us if you want to know more. Because we live here in the BVIs and socialize with most of the yachts crew, we have an intimate knowledge of the Caribbean charter industry and are always on hand to give you advice about what type of charter to choose.

Crewed Charters

These are perfect for those who really want a sailing vacation without the responsibility and hard work of sailing the boat or preparing the meals. There are many different options all of which have one basic ingredient: there is a professional captain who runs the boat, knows where to go and will help organize your charter experience. Few boats operate without at least one other crew member who doubles as first mate and chef. Caribbean crewed charters are renowned for great food and you  get to choose what preferences you have. The number of crew of course depends on the size of boat. Normally, the captain and crew will have their own private cabins and heads on board and may also be owners of the boat. Apart from making your vacation a more relaxing experience they are a wonderful source of knowledge and stories about sailing and the Caribbean area they know well.

Types of Crewed Charters

You can choose from a number of options all of which come with a captain and crew. There are charters for couples, honeymooners, family charters, and charters for groups of friends, corporate charters, diving charters, fishing charters and more. Let us know exactly what you want and we will organize it for you.

Bareboat Charters

Many of our boats are available on a bareboat basis. That means you make the decisions. You get to choose how you sail, where you sail and what you do each day. You only have you and your chosen companions on board so it can be a more intimate experience. It is also the cheapest option as you don’t have to pay crew and you can choose your own food and drink. Bareboat charters are not for everyone. They can be quite demanding and you do certainly need to know how to sail, you will need to provide a sailing resume. This type of charter is ideal for those who own their own boat and have dreamt of sailing in the Caribbean but simply don’t have the time to sail there themselves or yet have the type of boat that can make the long, offshore passages required to get there and back.

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