The Grenadines and St. Lucia

Yacht Charters in the Grenadines and St. Lucia

The larger, tropical islands of St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenada offer adventurous chartering in the Windward chain of islands, well to the South of the more popular Virgin Islands. While each of the three islands has its own charter base, charters from these islands typically involve a huge number of possible itineraries ranging from trips north to Martinique and south through the scattering of jewel like islands between St. Vincent and Grenada – the Grenadines.

Chartering in the Windward Islands is typically more challenging than in the Virgins and is very suitable for those who have already had a charter experience elsewhere and want a change of scene and pace. Bareboat charterers will need more experience than they might if they were to charter in the Virgins. Distances between islands are greater and the seas can be rougher. A charter in these islands remains a very popular crewed charter option all year and especially so during the summer months when charters quieten down further north.

Charters originating from St. Vincent or Grenada mostly island hop through the Grenadines – which belong to both the two main island nations. There is a huge diversity of anchorages, which includes the up-market and sophisticated island of Mustique, holiday home to British royals and celebrities, laid back Bequia, with its unique local flavor and the Tobago Cays with their chance to swim with turtles and cruise amongst stunning coral reefs and tiny islands with their lovely beaches.

Why choose a charter in Grenadines or St. Lucia

  • The islands offer good sailing in the off peak summer months.
  • A chance to visit the lush, verdant main islands of St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenada with their mountainous interior, volcanic landscapes, waterfalls, rainforests and typical Caribbean culture.
  • Varied itineraries: some people return time and again to this area, each time experiencing a new route to take.
  • Adventurous sailing with greater distances between islands and varied sea and weather conditions.
  • More remote anchorages with fewer crowds.

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