Family Charters

A family yacht charter can be the ideal vacation experience for the whole family. Caribbean Charter Deals has a list of family friendly yachts that are designed to accommodate families with kids. These yachts have plenty of on board water sports activities and where crewed charters are chosen, the yacht will have crew who just love to have kids on board.

Crewed family charters

This is the ultimate relaxed family vacation where you, the parents, get to have quality time with your kids on a charter. You let the captain look after the boat and takes responsibility for the safety of everyone on board. The crew does all the cooking and chores and helps entertain your kids as well. Crewed family charters, with a family friendly charter boat, use crew members who love to have kids on board and are used to looking after them and entertaining them. There are plenty of things to do on board a family charter yacht: swimming, snorkeling, paddleboards, beach games, wake boarding and tubing, just to mention just a few. Two or more families can charter two yachts at the same time and sail in tandem. That means that your kids will have plenty of company to keep them happy.

Bareboat family charters

This is an option for a family that has an experienced sailor or sailors on board and wants the whole family to share the exhilaration and experience of sailing the boat together. It is a better option when your kids are a little older and willing to learn some of the skills of sailing. The BVIs are a great place for a family bareboat charter as the conditions are milder and the distances between anchorages are less than other charter locations. However, the decision about where to charter has to be based on your own experience and skill and if you have plenty of experience you may choose to charter a yacht with your family in a more challenging location.

Why choose a family yacht charter in the Caribbean?

  • ¬†Plenty to do for everyone on board.
  • A great learning experience if a bareboat charter is chosen.
  • Relaxing, fun time for the whole family when a family charter on a crewed boat is chosen with all the responsibility and hard work done by someone else.
  • A lot of choice over yacht options so just the right size and type of yacht is chosen for the vacation.

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