Crewed Charters


When you choose a crewed charter, whether it is on a multihull, monohull sailing boat or a motor boat, you are assured of a perfect vacation in one of the best parts of the Caribbean. You won’t have to buy any food apart from the odd snack or meal out in one of the many beach side restaurants. Instead, with every meal you will get the very best in onboard cuisine. Every boat we deal with has its own chef and they take pride in their cooking styles – all unique of course. Don’t worry if you have special dietary concerns because our chefs will adapt to your preferences. Best of all – you can relax after a fantastic meal, watch the stars and listen to the turtles surfacing while someone else does the washing up!

Every day brings a new adventure. Your captain will have sailed these waters many times over in a variety of conditions. He or she will know just where the best beaches, the best snorkeling and the best dive sites are and will take you there safely. While you don’t need to do a thing if you don’t want to, there is always the chance to practice some sailing skills – a turn at the wheel, pulling up a sail, dropping the anchor – it makes a vacation on a crewed charter yacht so much more memorable. You never know – it might just persuade you to buy your own boat and come back to these waters later!

Charters in the Caribbean typically see you anchored up for the night off a sparkling white beach, not tied up in a port or marina. You can swim to shore or get a ride in the tender- to wander along a pristine white beach doing some beachcombing perhaps or snorkeling or dozing in the shade of a tree. There’s plenty to do. Many of the chartered boats have dive gear available and perhaps have a dive instructor or dive master on board. You could combine a charter vacation with a PADI course or just choose to dive in some of the Caribbean’s best dive spots with all the gear on board you will need. And then there’s always the constantly changing panorama around you. Brown pelicans and boobies dive bombing in the shallows; frigate birds circling overhead with superb control, dolphins and shoals of leaping tuna en route to your new anchorage of the day and a chance to get up close and personal with a turtle and shoals of brilliantly colored fish on the reefs.

While your captain and crew know just about everywhere there is to go in the charter area you choose, you just have to discuss what you would like best to see and do and your itinerary can be changed to suit. One of the things about sailing charters is that every cruise is different. The weather is not always the same. The highways are not marked. A route can be changed according to the vagaries of nature or to suit a whim. That’s what makes a crewed charter vacation so very different from a cruise on a large cruise ship with its fixed timetable, predictable itinerary and interminable crowds of fellow passengers.

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