Couples Charters

Couples and Tandem Charters

Sailing charters in the Caribbean are a wonderful way to reconnect with your partner. Couple charters can be tailor made by Caribbean Charter Deals to cater for one, two or more couples together in their own crewed charter boat or a bareboat option. When several couples get together as friends to share a charter, there are several different options. One of them is to share the same yacht. Many of the catamarans we deal with, for instance, have several cabins each with their own ensuite facilities which make it a comfortable option.

When there are more couples involved, then you could consider a tandem charter when more than one similar sort of yacht is chartered at the same time. The yachts can sail around together and share activities and anchorages or go on slightly different itineraries and meet up now and again.

Why choose a Couples Charter

  • Our larger yachts are equipped to take more than one couple on board at the same time, making it a viable and fun option for several couples who are friends to share the charter together.
  • As the cost of the charter is often based on hiring the boat, sharing the expense of the charter makes it more economical for each couple.
  • Many extra activities on shore are more viable when several people share the activity together.
  • If you decide to charter the yacht on a bareboat basis, then having several people you know who are capable and competent sailors makes the sailing easier and more fun.
  • A crewed charter for couples allows you to all relax and enjoy the experience of sailing in a beautiful location.

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