Corporate Charters

Corporate Yacht Charters


Corporate vacations or trips are special occasions in which a company offers an incentive for superior effort, achievement or team work. Caribbean Charter Deals can organize the ideal corporate yacht charter for your company.

Small groups of staff can be accommodated on a larger catamaran, monohull sailboat or motor boat. Each will have access to a separate cabin with ensuite facilities making it a comfortable and relaxing experience. We also have a number of more or less identical yachts available which are well suited for larger groups. The group can be split into manageable numbers for each individual yacht and the charter organized into a flotilla which travels around together according to the itinerary chosen.

Our corporate charters use crewed yachts with a captain and crew who devote their time to maximizing your enjoyment and aims as a company initiative. This type of charter is ideal for a relaxing and rewarding time in which colleagues share their experiences together.

Our captains not only know their boats intimately but have an extensive working knowledge of the area in which the charter operates. That means you go to the best places and enjoy the best experiences possible together.

The crew manages all the catering and the general day to day care of the needs of the passengers as well as help the captain run the boat. You will find that your corporate yacht charter will be an extremely memorable experience: one that colleagues will be talking about for years to come afterwards.

Why choose a corporate yacht charter:

  •  A great incentive for special achievement or effort.
  • Opportunity for team building and bonding.
  • The best way to unwind and relax away from the stress of office life.
  • Comfortable and spacious accommodation for all staff involved.
  • A huge number of possible activities in beautiful surroundings.

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