Captain Only Charters

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAAs well as offering full board and half board charters, some Captains also offer Captain Only Charters.
This can be with the Captain Only or with the Captain and first mate on board.Captain only charters is a great way to go if you want to have the feeling of bareboating but the security of having a Captain on board who can either sail for you or oversee your sailing..either way this is a very big saving..

All the toys and equipment is on board so you still have the experience of a luxury Charter but not the expense of the gourmet meals,not to mention the freedom of dining ashore wherever or whenever you wish.

2You would provision yourself, you can do that by landing on the island and shopping yourself or you can order your provisions from the local provisioning companies on line ,
they will also deliver to your yacht..your Captain can receive and stow your products.


The cost of Food and Drinks for your group and the captain would average around 40.00 per day per person. Local permits are $4 per person per day.
You would do all your own cooking and most times you would invite the Captain to chow down with you..he or she may decline and already have his own meals planned..


1You would do all your own cleaning and picking up after yourselves. Average Captain Only charter cost for a 6 pax on a Catamaran

Food and drinks= $1680.00
Fuel                 = $110.00
local permits…  = $168.00
Mooring Balls    = $210.00

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