Bareboat Charters

Bareboat Charters and Captain Only Options


If you have sailing experience at home and have dreamt of a cruise in Caribbean waters, bareboat chartering may be the way to go. It won’t have the luxurious touch of being pampered by an onboard crew but it does give you more independence.

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With a bareboat charter typically you charter the boat without a captain or crew but will get an extensive introduction to the boat by the owner or manager before you take it out. You will be expected to give some proof of your sailing experience before you sign a contract. Bareboat chartering is the least expensive charter option in the Caribbean. You select a boat that suits your sailing skills and the number of people you decide to take with you. There are boats of every size and shape so you can choose what is within your budget and scope. Generally, the largest boats, both sail and power, are crewed. Because you don’t have to pay for a captain or crew and you do your own shopping for food and cooking you cut down the cost of the charter considerably. A 6 berth bareboat yacht with three couples on, for instance, can prove to be a very economical sailing vacation.

It’s always a good idea to do some research before you start on a bareboat charter. Buy a cruising guide to the area you intend cruising in and learn about the weather patterns, currents, anchorages and towns. Because you won’t have a captain on board who knows the area well, you will have to be more self reliant about the places you go to and the safe way to get there. If you do intend to cruise from one island nation to another (e.g. from the St. Vincent owned islands in the Grenadines to the Grenadian islands in the same chain) you may have to check the boat and yourselves in and out with the local authorities. Because of the volume of leisure boat traffic in the three main charter areas, this has become an easy but necessary aspect of cruising. All this is all good fun and best of all the experiences you have will last a lifetime.

If you are not too sure whether your sailing skills are that advanced, we can recommend a captain only charter. This is basically the same as a bareboat charter, but you pay for a captain who takes care of all the sailing and you can help as well as learn as you go.

The boats we offer for bareboat charter will come with every modern piece of equipment. Electronic navigation systems with up to date charts, VHF, depth sounders, radar, electric anchor winches, auxiliary well maintained diesel engines, tenders and outboards, a modern and well equipped galley with a gas stove with oven (microwave on some yachts), fridge and freezer.

Every boat we deal with is different and the best way to get an idea of what we have available is to browse through our list of yachts. Each one lists the details of what’s available on board with photos to match. If there’s any way we can help with your questions send us an email, or fill in a quick contact form or ring us up.

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