About Us

Eunice brings 15 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry from Canada to Caribbean Charter Deals. She has been in Hotel Management for the brunt of this, promoting tourism for the Nova Scotia Government and increasing the exposure of the Hotels she worked with. Her success was in her ability to attract and book clients from all over the world.

She built her boat with her husband and departing Canada in 2001, sailed Scandia over 22,000 nautical miles. They took their time getting into the Caribbean, stopping for extended periods along the way. It took four years to finally settle in the Virgin Islands, a year in the Dominican Republic was just one of the highlights of the trip. She has delivered yachts to Venezuela and sailed in local races. She has worked in sail lofts in both St Thomas and Tortola.

Her tenure as a boat briefer in customer service for one of the larger bareboat companies has given her much experience in all aspects of the charter industry, from bareboat chartering to crewed yachts in both power and sail. From there she went on to work in the charter industry at the Clearing House level. There for the past 7 years she managed the affairs of a fleet of professional crewed charter yachts. This exposure has given her the experience “from the other side of the fence” at a very in depth level. She has been the go between for the crews and the brokers in two of the largest clearing houses in the Caribbean. With a “Down Home” and relaxed attitude she puts people at ease and competently gets the job done. Putting the needs of you, her clients first, with consistent backup, she can organize and work to give you the best vacation and most value for your money.

With approachable staff and an open door policy, Caribbean Charter Deals is a perfect fit for Eunice and she looks forward to meeting and working with all of her client’s everyday. Frequent updates on specials and constant communication with all of the vessels is where the strength of our service is. She knows all the vessels and crews first hand. She lives on a boat, in their marina and sees all of them constantly. Give us a call, we will not disappoint you!

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